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    • 12/4/2009 3:23 PM


      thanks a lot .. But from where you got this release DVDRip ??

    • 12/4/2009 3:52 PM
      Svensktext (Owner)

      admin edit: no torrents or download links please.

    • 12/5/2009 3:51 AM

       Thanks for keeping the existing credits, some people just take them away

    • 12/5/2009 5:23 AM
      Svensktext (Owner)

      Of course my friend! I´m a nettranslater myselvs, and we are having a lockout in just that subjekt right now! The swedish sub, side UT.se is taking our subs from SweSUB.nu and divXsweden.net. And changeing that to their signature. And we have hade it with that now. So of course I stick to the rouls!

    • 12/7/2009 12:54 PM
      mohamed algusbi (Supporter)

      There's no DVDrip for this Movie yet

    • 12/7/2009 9:01 PM

       there dvd picture for it but the sound from cam


      2012 R5

    • 12/16/2009 6:59 PM

      I have spot checked this and it apears very good. Even has Chineese to English translation. I download for my 89 year old pop. They are greatly appreciated.

    • 12/21/2009 8:33 AM

       fake, lie, its no DVDRiP yet!

    • 12/21/2009 1:02 PM
      Svensktext (Owner)

      I have very hard to believe that people are downloading the sub first, and then download the movie for the sub. The text is synced to the release. Then, if the filmrelease isn´t what it is called, that mater the film. Not the subtitle, I think.

    • 12/22/2009 12:38 PM

      I second Svensktext.

      All the MAXSPEED releases are called "DVDRIP" although they are usually R5 with line audio. And yet, many people download them and now they need a subtitle. From a subtitle perspective, it doesn't matter that the release is not properly tagged.

      Please don't call the subtitles for MAXSPEED releases "fake". If you want to complain, write a message to those MAXSPEED dudes... :-)

    • 12/26/2009 8:05 AM

      So you upload a movie that you dont own (stealing) and then you complain about someone "stealing you bullshit subs"? How sick is that? Please next time just shut the fuck up.

    • 12/26/2009 8:17 AM
      mohamed algusbi (Supporter)


      So you upload a movie that you dont own (stealing) and then you complain about someone "stealing you bullshit subs"? How sick is that? Please next time just shut the fuck up.


      I see no thieves here , and No one here uploads movies , so you're the one who must shut up.

    • 12/26/2009 8:19 AM
      Svensktext (Owner)

      I think You have got an bad stomach after the christmassfod. But maby You can check up what is what. Before You yelling of stuff You don´t know. If You reade in the start of the sub. You can see I don´t have steal the sub. I resynced it an then ofcourse not take away who hade made this. And it´s not a movie. It´s just a subtitle.

    • 12/30/2009 1:26 PM

      Its like a person is going to kill someone and you know it and then you sell the guy the guy a gun and tell the police that you didnt pull the trigger. So keep your n00b "I didnt do anything wrong" comments for yourself and please SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • 12/30/2009 1:27 PM

      Its like ammo for a stolen gun that is going to be used in a wrong way.

      Now if you buy the movie it comes with a SUB dont it???????????????


    • 12/31/2009 5:50 AM
      Svensktext (Owner)

      papadee! Try to do something yourself, instead of talking a bunch of crap that you do not understand. If you have done something with a text and then put it up, Isn´t it anything wrong done. I have used an existing sub that I changed the times in so it fits in one file and it runs perfectly. I left credd to those who made the text and just added my nick as resyncer. And I´m sure that the auther: inSanos, anreith and coas. do not mind me puting up this sub.

      Make the world a favor and crawl back under the rock you came from, and do not answering this any more, it looks more ridiculous every time you post here.

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