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    • 8/18/2009 4:01 AM
      Aequi (Owner)

      Click on my profile, yeah, that's it ... on your left .. up a bit... bit more...above my pic ... oooh .. there! That's it! Right THERE!

      My profile explains everything about my subtitles, what I check for, what I fix, what my standards are. I thought I'd put them there, rather than keep pasting them as a comment on every upload.

      Comments on this subtitle

      Watched this last night. All the subs for this I have found, NONE use hyphens to distinguish between two speakers or more. However, it's only about 20 or so lines at most that this would affect (out of almost 1600 lines). I'm not going to bother to find them and add the hyphens. Too much work.

      As for the rest - I removed ALL music including those that weren't signified by # symbols. I also removed sneaky dirty rotten egotistical references to the subtitle uploader buried in very sneaky places and times. I guess it's no good anymore just seacrhing for the word subtitle to find these.

      Also, the text is fast paced at times. The dialog short. The subtitles fly by. Some might be tad fast, but overall, it's nothin' really. I could spend mega hours merging some, re-timing others and so on - but it's not worth the time. All the rest - spellchecked etc etc - as per usual :) Enjoy :)


    • 8/21/2013 4:58 AM

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