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  • Year: 2009
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Language Release Name/Film title Files H.I. Owner Comment
Albanian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE_RUS 1   hosam92
Arabic Mr.Nobody.2009 Extended.720p.Bluray.x264.anoXmous_swe   himlink
Arabic Mr.Nobody.2009.R5.XviD-DUBBY 1   mico123
تعديل الترجمة لتناسب النسخة 
Arabic Mr.Nobody.2009.EXTENDED.BRRip.SANTi 1   koko 2009
Arabic Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BRRip.XviD.AC3-ViSiON 1   A.3.R
By: Ahmedchan 
Arabic Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   East25
تمت الترجمه بواسطة الأخ كوكو وأنا قمت فقط بالتعديل لتناسب هذه النسخه 
Arabic Mr.Nobody.2009.DVDRip.XviD.AC3-LEGi0N 1   koko 2009
ترجمة الفيلم سماعيه ما عدا الاغاني 
Arabic Mr Nobody R5 AC3 XViDIMAGiNE 1   white_angel
حصرياً لتنين العرب miro80 & white_angel 
Arabic Mr Nobody 2009 DVDRip XviD AC3-LEGi0N 1   ObdZoheir
( miro80 & white angel: ترجمة ) ( Obd Zoheir : تعديل ) 
Arabic Mr. Nobody 1   hosam92
Arabic Mr.Nobody.2009.FESTiVAL.DVDRip.XviD-iLG 2   Hayfa
Bengali Mr. Nobody (2009) by Antor Mahmud 1   antor
We can’t go back That’s why it’s hard to choose. You habe to make right choice. As long as you don’t choose everything remains possible. জানতে চান কেন কথা গুলো বললাম? তাহলে দেখে ফেলুন মুভিটি এখনই...... 
Brazillian Portuguese Mr.Nobody.2009.R5.XviD-DUBBY 1   erasmo
Extraida do, creditos mantidos 
Brazillian Portuguese Mr.Nobody.2009.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-NoGRP 1   erasmo
Extraida do 
Danish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.1080p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   MettieBettie
Danish Mr.Nobody.2009.CAN.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264-decibeL 1   Simkin
Kun tilpasset. Extended Cut. 
English Mr.Nobody.2010.x264.aac-scOrp 1   EkinG
scOrp .. EkinG 
English Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD-nCODE 1   brilliantmind540
English Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD.AC3-CaLLiOpeD 1   xAndreix
Uploaded by Andrei for 
English Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   a560
and other extended BluRay rips as well 
English Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-CRiSC 1   negersjokk
English Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.480p.BRRip.x264-VendeTTa 1   dc4evr
English Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY 1   aji4u4ever
English Mr.Nobody.2009.DVDRip.AC3.XviD 1   AriSu
English Mr. Nobody 2009 DvdRip [Xvid] 1337x-X 1   Hitmoo
English Mr. Nobody [Bluray 720p and 1080p Cinefile] 1   Tycketoryde
Custom-Built Subs - All "Hearing Impaired" Content removed. MS Office 2007 Grammar & Spell-Check Corrections. Proper & fully complete Dialogue hyphenation. No 3-Line, nor excessively long 2-Line Entries. Clarification of Dialogue Ambiguities. Will also fit most 24 FPS Release Group Rips. Fully UTF-8 compliant. These Subs are free of Spam and any Authoring Notations. 
English Mr. Nobody [2009] DvDrip MXMG 1   silverspeed
Extended version 
English Mr Nobody R5 AC3 XviD- iMAGINE and R5- DUBBY and DVDRip- LEGiON [Transcript by BeeTcH0 and VeRdiKT] 1   verdikt
Synced to all one CD versions, thanks to the beautiful Honeybunny. This is the final edits for the subtitle, with the transcript done by BeeTcH0. Wow, what an enthrilling movie. Have fun! :) 
English Mr.Nobody.2009.FESTiVAL.DVDRip.XviD-iLG [Transcript by BeeTcH0 and VeRdiKT] 2   verdikt
Did full proper editing and little synchronisation to this amazing movie. This movie deserves a standing oviation seriously. Sorry, but I don't know who's the transcriber. EDIT: Transcriber is BeeTcH0 so thank you so much and sorry I forgot you. Enjoy! :) 
English Mr.Nobody.2009.FESTiVAL.DVDRip.XviD-iLG 2   bowie28
2 CD version, original by BeeTcH0 
English Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD-AEN 2   radojka
English DVDRip. 2 CD All credit to BeeTcH0 2   thienloi_aust
Farsi/Persian Mr.Nobody.2009.R5.XviD-DUBBY 1   D.X
امیدوارم لذت ببرید 
Farsi/Persian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.480p.BluRay.AAC.x264-UNiT346 1   bytab
تقديم به شما 
Farsi/Persian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY 1   N_SH
من فقط هماهنگ کردم با تشکر از مترجم این فیلم زیبا 
Farsi/Persian Mr.Nobody.2009.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-NoGRP 1   D.X
امیدوارم لذت ببرید 
Farsi/Persian Mr.Nobody 2009 720 720 1   hossein_khan
D.X برگرفته از زیرنویس 
Farsi/Persian Mr Nobody R5 AC3 XViDIMAGiNE 1   D.X
امیدوارم لذت ببرید 
Farsi/Persian Mr Nobody 2009 DVDRip XviD AC3-LEGi0N 1   D.X
امیدوارم لذت ببرید 
Farsi/Persian Mr.Nobody.2009.FESTiVAL.DVDRip.XviD-iLG 2   hamed_devilish
Farsi/Persian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD-AEN 2   ramink2
ترجمه مال من نيست فقط براي نسخه دو پارت بلوري تنظيم كردم 
Finnish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   JiiaFi
Finnish Mr.Nobody.2009.DVDRip.XviD.AC3-LEGi0N 1   mindfukker
French Mr.Nobody.PAL.MULTi.DVDR-UNSKiLLED 1   necro
Rip Z2 Belge corrigé V2 
French Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   necro
Resync Z2 Belge V2 
French Mr.Nobody.2009.extended.1080p.bluray.x264-cinefile 1   olala
French Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD-AEN 2   necro
Resync Z2 Belge V2 
German Mr.Nobody.Directors.Cut.2009.DTS.DL.1080p.Bluray.x264-LeetHD 1   konokilo
German Mr.Nobody.Directors.Cut.2009.DTS.DL.1080p.BluRay.x264-iND 1   konokilo
German Mr. Nobody 2009 1   Spelly2
Subtitles German - Untertitel Deutsch 
Indonesian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.forvariousBRrelease.X264[IDN] 1   antlers
Indonesian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BRRip.DVDRip 1   balanyc89
Manually translated for BRRip & DVDRip Extended. Di vote bagus kalo suka ^^ 
Indonesian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY 1   rocklina
Indonesian Mr. Nobody [2009] DvDrip MXMG 1   henjodi 1
Italian sub ita by IScrew 1   enigmista
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Italian Mr.Nobody.CD1 [ Su by IScrew ] 1   enigmista
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Italian Mr.Nobody.2009.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-NoGRP 1   Kal-Earth2 
Italian Mr. Nobody EXTENDED by IScrew [] 1   enigmista
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Italian Mr. Nobody by IScrew [] 1   enigmista
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Italian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD-AEN -- sub by IScrew 2   enigmista
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Korean Mr.Nobody.2009.FESTiVAL.DVDRip.XviD.2CD-iLG 2   joogunking
Latvian 1   pecis2
Romanian Mr. Nobody 24.000 FPS DVD   Rebisaum
Mr Nobody.mp4 (1.1 GB) 
Romanian Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   hulb65
Found it on another site 
Russian Mr Nobody 1   Albie
Sinhala Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-CRiSC 1   Inusha Ashwan
සියළු කොදෙව්ව බ්ලොග් අඩවියේ ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමකි. පිවිසෙන්න, ඉනූෂ අඹගහවත්ත 5වෙනි උපසිරැසි ගැන්වීම. මෙම චිත්‍රපටිය සඳහා අන්තර්ජාලයට සිංහල උපසිරැසියක් නිකුත්වන පළවෙනි අවස්ථාව. කරුණාකර කතෘ අයිතිය සුරකින්න.  
Spanish Mr.Nobody.2009.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-NoGRP.NoRar 1   DeliXiosO
Spanish Mr. Nobody 2009 1   BeeTcH0
Swedish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.XviD-NemoNobody 1   clownen
Swedish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   clownen
Swedish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.1080p.Mr.Nobody.2009.BRRIP.1080P.H264-ZEKTORM 1   clownen
Swedish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.1080p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE 1   clownen
Swedish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD-AEN 2   clownen
Thai Mr.Nobody (2009) EXTENDED 720p YIFY   tre2004
Turkish Mr.Nobody.2010.x264.aac-scOrp 1   EkinG
scOrp .. EkinG 
Turkish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD.AC3-CaLLiOpeD 1   xAndreix
Uploaded by Andrei for 
Turkish Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD.AC3-CaLLiOpeD 1   xAndreix
Uploaded by Andrei for 
Vietnamese Mr.Nobody.2009.EXTENDED.m720p.BluRay.x264-BiRD 1   tapchoi
Vietnamese Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.720p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE.Vietnamese 1   hdpioneer06
Vietnamese Mr Nobody R5 AC3 XviD- iMAGINE 1   nthnth
Sync lai tu ban cua hdpioneer06 
Vietnamese Mr.Nobody.2009.Extended.BDRip.XviD-AEN 2   TuongLinh
Mình tách ra từ bản Extended.720p.BluRay.x264 của Linh Sa & Quỳnh Du