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Language Release Name/Film title Files H.I. Owner Comment
English Soul.Surfer.2011.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.DMT 1   rogard
and many other BR Rips 
Brazillian Portuguese RIO.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.Eng.NL.Subs.DMT 1   erasmo
Extraida do, creditos mantidos 
Arabic Beneath the Dark -2011.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.DMT 1   daily
English Limitless.2011.Unrated.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.DMT 1   cannabisigood
Arabic The.Eagle.2011.UNRATED.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.Eng.NL.Subs.DMT 1   ragreen007
English Insidious.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.DMT 1   OsamaZourob
Thanks to, Yours, Dr. Osama Zourob 
Arabic The.Smurfs.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.EE.Rel.NL 1   ragreen007
Arabic Mr.Poppers.Penguins.2011.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.EE.Rel.NL 1   ragreen007
Arabic Super.8.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.EE.Rel.NL 1   ragreen007
Arabic The.Ward.2010.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.DMT 1   MajedAli
تعديل التوقيت 
Dutch Beautiful.Boy.2010.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.DMT 1   Bulldozer
Hebrew The.Witches.of.Oz.2011.Uncut.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.mkv 1   mbig
סנכרון פרטי מקור NUNIA 
Swedish Limitless.2011.1080p.R5 bluray.MKV.AC3.NL.Subs.DMT 1   clownen
Arabic Rango.Extended.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.Eng.NL.Subs.DMT 1   ragreen007
Brazillian Portuguese The.Help.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.Eng.NL.Subs 1   erasmo
Da equipe Virtualnet  
English Warrior.2011.1080p.MKV.X264.AC3.DTS.English.NL.Subs 1   naqibuquo
Finnish Headhunters.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.Eng.Nor.NL.Subs 1   pwuffe
Brazillian Portuguese We.Need.To.Talk.About.Kevin.2011.1080p.mkv.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs 1   erasmo
Legenda Hirschen 
English 1   otorus
Subs resynched and improved for brrip 1080p version 
Arabic The.Last.Lions.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.Eng.NL.Subs 1   infractor
تم تعديل التوقيت فقط , الشكر للمترجم الاصلي warmshdow 
Brazillian Portuguese Black.Gold.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.Eng.NL.Subs 1   erasmo
Da equipe Idiotas Inferiores 
Brazillian Portuguese The.Witches.of.Oz.2011.Uncut.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs 1   erasmo
Extraida do, creditos mantidos 
English Perfect.Sense.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.HQ.NL.Subs 1   rogard
Runtime 1:32:27, Dorothea's subtitles, slightly edited and resynced by rogard 
Vietnamese The.Last.Lions.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.Eng.NL.Subs 1   Hoai Trung
Download links : 
Arabic 1   Adolf Hitler
افضل نسخة بلوراي على التورنت 
Danish The.Artist.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.Eng.Fr.NL.Subs   mads664
Syncet Fields retail undertekster 
Norwegian Jackass.3.5.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs   Bernie Lomax
Indonesian Rosewood Lane (2011) 1080p MKV AC3+DTS HQ NL Subs   buster
resync sub faisal malsteem untuk rilis 1080p MKV AC3+DTS HQ NL Subs 
Danish Colombiana 2011 x264 1080p DTS DD 5.1 NL Subs DMT 1   flab@
Er blevet tilpasset 
Danish Untraceable 2008 1080p MKV AC3DTS NL Subs DMT 1   345473456
Indonesian Twixt.2011.720p.MKV.x264.AC3.HQ.NL.Subs.mkv 1   Ilyas Mak
Ditranslated saat malam2 berkepanjangan terbaring di RS. Semoga bermanfaat 
English Death.Hunt.1981.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.NL.Sub 1   angel181155
Brazillian Portuguese Cleanskin (2012) 1080p MKV x264 AC3+DTS HQ Eng NL Subs 1   Ivandrofly
Cleanskin 2012 BRRip e BluRay 
English The.Raven.2012.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3+DTS.HQ.Eng.NL.Subs 1   Ivandrofly
Sync by Ivandrofly | Rate | Comment 
Brazillian Portuguese Battlep.2012.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.HQ.NL.Subs 1   Ivandrofly
Sync by Ivandrofly 
English The.Raven.2012.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3+DTS.HQ.Eng.NL.Subs   Ivandrofly
COLORED HI, Normal HI. Fixed: Unneeded spaces, Bridge small gaps in duration, Lines balanced, HTML tags, Names, OCR, Overlapping, Short display-time, Missing quote("), Missing period at end of lines. etc... 
Brazillian Portuguese Immortals.2011.1080p.RC.BluRay.MKV.x264.AC3.NL.Subs 1   erasmo
Da equipe inSanos 
Arabic Immortals.2011.1080p.RC.BluRay.MKV.x264.AC3.NL.Subs 1   M_Elsady
ترجمة محمّد الصادي 
English Gooische.Vrouwen.2011.1080p.MKV.X264.AC3.DTS.EE.Rel.NL 1   kevterm
Arabic The.Speed.of.Thought.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.EE.Rel.NL 1   alali79
تعديل على ترجمة الأخ ( ahmed elsawaf ) 
Arabic The.Darkest.Hour.3D.2011.1080p.AC3.DTS.NL.Subs.Half.SBS 1   L O S T
Brazillian Portuguese Soul.Surfer.2011.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264.CHD 1   Ivandrofly
Sync, Corregida por Ivandrofly 
English Soul.Surfer.2011.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264.CHD 1   Ivandrofly
Fixed: Unneeded spaces, Bridge small gaps in duration, Lines balanced, HTML tags, Names, OCR, Overlapping, Short display-time, Missing quote("), Missing period at end of lines. etc... 
Arabic Soul.Surfer.2011.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD 1   waleeda
تم تعديل التوقيت ليتوافق مع نسخة البلوراي 
English Up.3D.2009.1080p.MKV.x264.Dual.DTS.NL.Subs.Half.SBS   Aakiful Islam
Non HI.Perfectly synced with all BluRay releases. Just Download & enjoy.Don't forget to rate..  
English Up.3D.2009.1080p.MKV.x264.Dual.DTS.NL.Subs.Half.SBS 1   Aakiful Islam
HEARING IMPAIRED Subtitle For All BluRay releases. Don't forget to rate..  
English Dinosaur Island 2014 MKV 1080p DTS-HD & DD5.1 NL Subs TBS   T30 ( 
English Up.3D.2009.1080p.MKV.x264.Dual.DTS.NL.Subs.Half.SBS 1   Aakiful Islam
COLORED HEARING IMPAIRED.Perfectly synced.Works for all 720p & 1080p BluRay. Just download & enjoy. Before you go, plz don't forget to rate it  
English Saving Private Ryan 1998 1080p DTS X264 MKV NL ENG Subs 1   CorruptEagle
Fix OCR, Italics, Overlapping, For all 1080p/720p BluRay releases. 
English Soul Surfer [2011] BRRip 300MB MKV 1   silverspeed
Perfect sync 
English Source.Code.2011.R3.1080P.MKV.DD2.0.NL.Subs 1   pinnace
English subs for the DMT release 
Brazillian Portuguese Source.Code.2011.R3.1080P.MKV.DD2.0.NL.Subs 1   erasmo
Legendas Alcobor & Daddy 
English Midnight Cowboy (1969) 1080p MKV AC3+DTS NL Subs DMT.mkv [8.15 GB; runtime 1-53-21] 1   Mongpa101
corrections, sync improved for this version 
English J.Edgar.2011.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.English.Subs and others 1   rogard
Radar1's sub, slightly spell-checked 
Brazillian Portuguese The.Artist.2011.BRRip.xvid.NL.Subs-DMT 1   erasmo
Legenda TRX 
English Rundskop.2011.PAL.Retail.DD5.1.NL.Subs.DMT 1   mongodeluxe
Works well with the above release and should work with any other PAL format release 
Brazillian Portuguese Restless 2011 BRRipxvid NL Subs DMT 1   erasmo
Da equipe Art Subs  
Brazillian Portuguese Jeff.Who.Lives.At.Home.2011.BRRip.xvid.NL.Subs-DMT 1   erasmo
Legenda Hirschen 
German The Mountain (2011) DVDR(xvid) NL Subs DMT 1   strucni_prevodi
English Shaolin 2011 DVDRxvid NL Subs DMT 1   okto2005
Resynch for match scenetime, please comment my subs 
Swedish The.Way.Back.2010.1080p.MKV.x264.AC3.DTS.NLSubs-DMT 1   clownen
Brazillian Portuguese Barry.Munday.2010.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.Eng.NLSubs-DMT 1   erasmo
Extraida do, creditos mantidos 
Romanian Megamind.2010.1080P.MKV.AC3.DTS.Eng.NLSubs-DMT 1   bubuloimare
vs. 5,37 GB  
Romanian The.Tourist.2010.1080p.MKV.AC3.DTS.Eng.NLSubs-DMT 1   bubuloimare
vs. 9,17 GB fara diactrice