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    • 6/9/2012 7:43 AM
      mr master (Owner)

      This is a manual Translation and It took lot of time to improve and make it but Finally you have it ; A Flawless English Subtitle for Snow White & Huntsman 2012 CAM . But it's not 100% complete and I'm working on it and Resync it for TS version.

      Waiting for your comments ...

    • 6/9/2012 7:50 AM

      It looks pretty good so far...I know how slow and tiring it is, so keep it up, this will stop the scammer

    • 6/9/2012 7:56 AM
      mr master (Owner)

      Yeah , but I don't think those scums (scammers) stop their work .

    • 6/9/2012 8:48 AM


    • 6/12/2012 12:14 PM