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    • as close the script as possible, over 1600++ lines. That's a lot. Take a few weeks of editing and syncing. Regretably, someone been uploading my sub, remove the credit and replace them with their own on podnapisi.net . It says sub by podnapisi.net crew or whatever but I see no adjustment made or resyncing. This also happen to other uploader on this site. Although I have lodge a report but no action is made. Now, respect the time that people put into his/her work. It called stealing for a reason.
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    • 8/1/2012 5:10 PM
      peean91 (Owner)

      What're you talking about? Fuck off man, u mad coz u can no longer make money on this tittle....buzz off.....


    • 8/1/2012 5:12 PM



    • 8/1/2012 5:18 PM

      @peean91.............Its usually the star uploader on podnapisi.

      @uswork........You don't have any subs to protect, you're a bunch of crooks conning people.

      At the end of the survey all you get is a blank .srt

      Does anyone know how to contact anonymous

    • 8/1/2012 5:22 PM
      peean91 (Owner)

      Yeah uswork what ever.....It's call free sub for a reason.

    • 8/1/2012 5:24 PM

      peean91 if you contact podnapisi and  complain, they will change the subs name to yours

      @asshole the idea of this site is subs freely available, don't like it then fuck off somewhere else

    • 8/1/2012 5:30 PM
      peean91 (Owner)

      KRIEGHOFF.....I did made a report to podnapisi admin but no action made. Hmm ignore that asshole, he just mad off with coz he can't make money off anyone on this title.

    • 8/1/2012 5:33 PM

      You're a lying bastard......A few years ago ivandrofly was called something else....If your subs are doing so well and people downloading them in shitloads from your website, then why do you need to come on here

    • 8/1/2012 5:38 PM

      @peean91...one of my subs was published on podnapisi and credited to the star uploader jdinic3 or something, I complained and his name was removed, and the sub credited to me,,,,I think he's one of the sites admins............At least podnapisi scan all uploads, the assholes can't upload there

    • 8/1/2012 5:52 PM

      Its pretty good peean91..........Thanks for the hard work

      @asswipe the only thing you're good for is an organ doner

    • 8/1/2012 6:42 PM


    • 8/1/2012 7:13 PM

      some people put their time on providing good subtitles like pean (Thanks a millions for your hard work) . they don't expect anything from others.

      and some jackass like these scammers put their time on surveys and such craps to play the role of a cock sucker in subscene.

    • 8/1/2012 11:39 PM

      Just watched the movie with this sub, and it is excellent...You must have slaved over the computer doing this peean91.

      And you stopped the scammers dead in their tracks on this one...Well done

    • 8/2/2012 3:56 AM

      definitely the best sub out there atm.


      thx for the work.

    • 8/2/2012 4:04 AM

      Hello, can you create one for The Dark Knight Rises 700MB Ganool? It's also 2hrs and 36minutes long, but this subtitle doesn't match exactly to Ganool, but still it works. Thanks.

    • 8/2/2012 6:26 AM

      Good sub. Thanks :)

    • 8/2/2012 8:35 AM

      Thank you, I'm happy to see a real sub after that fake shit.

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