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      The.Wolf.of.Wall.Street (2013).DVDScr.XviD-BiDA
      The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 DVDScr 700MB-Micromkv
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    • As usual my custom. Do vote and comment..if you can pls let me know thru comment with what releases this sub works with. ENJOY!
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    • 1/11/2014 5:52 AM

      Works with all the DVD screeners as far as I can tell, including HAM.

    • 1/11/2014 7:42 AM

      As usual... PERFECT!!

      Appreciate your great job!

    • 1/11/2014 7:44 AM

      thnx d3x and i really hope that "her" and "the secret life of walter mitty" is on your list too :)

    • 1/11/2014 7:52 AM

      also work with -> "The.Wolf.Of.Wall.Street.2013.DVDSCR.x264.AAC-P2P

    • 1/11/2014 11:01 AM

      plz upload "her" englishsubtitle

    • 1/11/2014 12:41 PM

      Much appreciated!!

    • 1/11/2014 1:12 PM

      Thank you very much! You're the best.

      PS: I hope "Her" is next ;). Would be awesome!

    • 1/11/2014 2:08 PM

      Thanks a lot, they're perfect! Please do "Her" next, if you can!

    • 1/11/2014 3:28 PM

      Thank you so much you rock!

      I hope you'll do "Her" soon ;)

    • 1/11/2014 9:09 PM

      D3xt3r, you're a champ!

    • 1/12/2014 3:08 AM

      I know I shouldn't complain because I'm too lazy to do it myself, but just as warning to others: this sub is pretty poor. In the first 10 minutes alone there's so many errors that I just turned it off.

      I suppose it is the best sub out there at the moment, but I'm certainly hoping someone is cleaning this up soon; I feel this movie requires better subs than this.

    • 1/12/2014 5:55 AM


    • 1/12/2014 7:41 PM

      Hey D3xt3r, hoping to request "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", if you could? thanx in advance,,

    • 1/13/2014 11:09 AM

      As always, Great job!!

      Pls upload "Her" eng subs.


    • 1/13/2014 8:18 PM

      I appreciate the effort but this sub should not be rated 9.

      There are an awful lot of mistakes.