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  • Year: 2007
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Language Release Name/Film title Files H.I. Owner Comment
Arabic Beowulf.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY   Appropriate
Including dutch speech of monsters 
Arabic Beowulf.2007.1080p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY   Appropriate
Including dutch speech of monsters 
Arabic Beowulf.2007.1080p.3D.BluRay.Half-OU.DTS.x264-HDAccess   MEE2day
Re-Sync for 3D Releases .. Thanks for the original translator 
Arabic legend of beowulf 1   wanasa
Arabic DvDrip[Eng]-FXG 1   TnateesH
Sub from 
Arabic Beowulf_BluRay_1080p_x264 1   MajedAli
تعديل التوقيت 
Arabic Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.L 1   moustafa102
Arabic Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.L 1   ADN
Arabic Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG 1   zoof
Arabic Beowulf[2007][Directors.Cut]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   uaeq
Arabic Beowulf.TS.XViD-TBG المترجم الأصلي للنسخه لـ من يدعي ترجمتها 1   Fo0o0oX
Beowulf.TS.XViD-TBG المترجم الأصلي للنسخه لـ من يدعي ترجمتها 
Arabic Beowulf.TS.XViD-TBG 1   Hobbes65
Arabic Beowulf.INTERNAL.CAM.XViD-mVs 1   abu ameer
Arabic Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   jarmazen_920
اتمني ان تنال علي اعجابكم وهذا اول تعديل ترجمه لي 
Arabic Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA.Encoded.700MB-699-SRT 1   FS8881
Arabic Beowulf.2007.R2.DvDRip.AC3.Eng-leetay 1   al ood
Arabic Beowulf.2007.Eng.TS.Quality.DivX-LTT 1   alwahdane
Arabic Beowulf.2007.DirCut.720p.HDDVD.DUAL.x264-ESiR 1   z3em
Arabic Beowulf.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY 1   RadoZ
الترجمة متوافقة مع النسخة Beowulf.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY 
Arabic Beowulf.2007.720p.BDRip.XViD.AC3.LEGi0N 1   A.3.R
Arabic Beowulf DVD-R srt.L 1   hq_1100
Arabic Beowulf 2007 dvdrip.xvid 1   sbo-soft
Arabic Beowulf 2007 BDRip H264 5.1 ch-SecretMyth Kingdom-Release 1   Ahh
Arabic Beowulf 2007 BDRip H264 5.1 ch-SecretMyth Kingdom-Release 1   Abu Moqpel
Arabic beowulf 1   imaf_13
Arabic Pukka 2   didomido
Arabic By GLS-1985 Beowulf 2007 R5 LINE XViD PUKKA I Try My Best To Make It Good...Enjoy 2   GLS_1985
Arabic Beowulf.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   AlTiMa2005
Arabic Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA-CD1 2   neoyosef
Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA الترجمة الآحترافية الكاملة  
Arabic Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA 2   kamd12
Arabic Beowulf 2007 R5 LINE XViD-PUKKA 2   AlTiMa2005
Arabic Beowulf 2007 2   sabek
Big 5 code Beowulf.big5 1   reklame
Big 5 code Beowulf.2007.big5 1   reklame
Brazillian Portuguese Beowulf 2007 BD 1280x544 x264 1   vangelis80
Legenda traduzida a partir do Ingles usando o Google. Corrigida e sincronizada para o Portugues do Brasil por Vangelis80 
Chinese BG code 1   reklame
Chinese BG code 1   reklame
Danish Passer til Beowulf.2007.PAL.R5.LINE.DVDR-DREAMLIGHT. This is once more the first Danish subtitle that comes from the aurthor himself... Credit-stealers. Do your own work before you put your name on others..If You are Anonymous. Then dont bother to rate my sub cos i dont give a shit for your vote if you dont even show your face...You FG Coward. Now you know my feelings for you 1   Jozedk
Danish Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG 1   corsa
Danish Beowulf[2007][Directors Cut]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   Koudelka
Rettet tidskoder fra FXG underteksten 
Danish 1   reklame
Danish Beowulf.DC.DVDR-Replica og tak til JozeDk 1   Wintendo
Danish Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   2670
Retail subs 
Danish Beowulf.2007.R2.DvDRip.AC3.Eng-leetay 1   slugz
Danish Beowulf.2007.DC.DVDRip.XViD.AC3-JUPiT 1   msc
Danish Tilpasset Beowulf 2007 R5 LINE XViD-PUKKATHX to Jozedk 2   JohnJohnJohn
Danish Beowulf.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   Anonymous
Passer til Beowulf.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 
Danish Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE-PUKKA.DK.2CD-la til litt manglende txt-norsk Jozedk-versjon 2   Xenzai
Danish Beowulf.2007.DC.DVDRip.XViD.AC3.DK-SuB 2   soren_lp
Danish Beowulf DC DVDRip XviD-diamond [btarena] 2   Legend
Dutch Beowulf 1   heaven
English Beowulf.2007.3D.1080p.BluRay.Half-SBS.x264.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-RARBG   jnb_bd
English Beowulf.2007.1080p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY   Erik Eka Putra
Fix common errors, Fix missing and unneeded spaces, Break long lines, Fix OCR errors, Fix overlapping, Remove text for HI, etc... 
English WAF 1   waltdisneypixar
English GrendelEnglishBeowulf.2007.DC.1080p.Bluray.DTS.VC1.Remux-SHiTSoNy 1   creomortis
I was getting annoyed with the lack of translation for grendels parts. I decided to make a sub for this. Enjoy. 
English Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG-Italics 1   Hideaway
English Beowulf[2007][Directors.Cut]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.en 1
English Beowulf[2007][Directors.Cut]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   zia_ngmc
Plz Comment. I am a new uploader. 
English Beowulf.Unrated.DirectorsCut[2007].Dvdrip.Xvid.AC3[5.1]-RoCKBlueLadyRG 1   rogard
ripped by rogard, with Italics 
English Beowulf.Unrated.DirectorsCut[2007].Dvdrip.Xvid.AC3[5.1]-RoCKBlueLadyRG 1   plastic3s
English, French and Spanish (idx+sub) in rar 
English Beowulf.Unrated Directors Cut 1   Napoleon-SatSat
English Beowulf.eng 1   reklame
English Beowulf.En 1   Hadis
English Beowulf.DC.2007.XviD.AC3-STM 1   A.3.R
CD's:1 - Size:2.05 
English Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   Hideaway
English Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA joined cds . 1   Radar1
English Beowulf.2007.R2.DvDRip.AC3.Eng-leetay 1   mhms77
English Beowulf.2007.Dir.Cut.480p.BDRip.XviD.AC3.D-Z0N3 1   LtDan
English Beowulf.2007.DC.720p.BluRay.x264-MySiLU 1   afrialdi
Sync Correct 
English Beowulf.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY 1   shuja1410
English Beowulf KLAXXON 1   kensei
English Beowulf 2007 1   NFSMW1993
Beowulf (2007) Well-Corrected Subtitles 
English Beowulf.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND.L 2   spaniel
English Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKAGreat subs .C 2   gagak_84
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.2007.Director's.Cut.DvDrip-aXXo   meisam_t72
►► زیرنویس از میثم ططری ◄◄ 
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.2007.Dir.Cut.480p.BDRip.XviD.AC3.D-Z0N3   meisam_t72
►► زیرنویس از میثم ططری ◄◄ 
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.2007.DC.BDRip.1080p x264.TrueHD-HighCode   meisam_t72
►► زیرنویس از میثم ططری ◄◄ 
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.2007.DC.720p.BluRay.x264-MySiLU   meisam_t72
►► زیرنویس از میثم ططری ◄◄ 
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.2007.720p.1080p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY   meisam_t72
►► زیرنویس از میثم ططری ◄◄ 
Farsi/Persian beowulf 2 cd BR rip   reza_vahedi
تمامی جملات با دقت از متون قدیمی ترجمه شده 
Farsi/Persian HOUSHIDAR83 different timing .C 1   pedramr
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.Fa 1   Hadis
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC.HOUSHIDAR 1   reza206
من تنظيم كردم 
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.2007-DVDrip by HOUSHIDAR83 .C 1   usfelme
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.2007.DvDRip.XviD.KLAXXON 1   Ghareib
Farsi/Persian Beowulf.[NEW VERSION]DvDrip[FARSI]-FXG 1   HRA DVD
Farsi/Persian Beowulf 2007.1cd 1   mahdi_gouge
Farsi/Persian Beowulf 2007 720P MyDatir 1   reza_.._jeghjeghe
هماهنگ با نسخه 600مگابايتي 
Farsi/Persian Beo 1   arbassiri
by AliReza Bassiri 
Farsi/Persian (تقديم به همه ايرانيان عزيز(هوشيدر ايلداري 1   houshidar83
(تقديم به همه ايرانيان عزيز(هوشيدر ايلداري 
Farsi/Persian - 1   RASTAN
بهترین و کاملترین زیرنویس فارسی ،برای دلاور مردان ایران-از کیو 
Farsi/Persian Beowulf[2007] 2
[25 fps].Exact timing without timing errors of last versions 
Farsi/Persian Beowulf 2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA 2   Tommy V.
Finnish beowulf[2007]dvdrip[eng]-fxg 1   Soerensen
Finnish Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   2670
Retail subs 
French Beowulf.DIRECTOR'   copieur
French Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG-Italics 1   Hideaway
French Beowulf.Unrated.DirectorsCut[2007].Dvdrip.Xvid.AC3[5.1]-RoCKBlueLadyRG 1   rogard
ripped by rogard, with Italics 
French Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC-Italics 1   Hideaway
French Beowulf.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND-Italics 2   Hideaway
German Beowulf.Directors.Cut.2007.1080p.HDDVD.DTS.x264-CtrlHD 1   kkm
German Beowulf.2007.DirCut.720p.HDDVD.DTS.x264-ESiR 1   kkm
Greek Beowulf by kirious 1   thassos2007
Beowulf by 
Greek Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA 2   Sandbird
Hebrew Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG 1   yoni
Hebrew Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG 1   dovigal
Hebrew Beowulf.TS.XViD-TBG 1   yoni
Hebrew Beowulf.TS.XViD-TBG 1   the_name
Hebrew Beowulf.R5.x264.AAC.LiNE-JAVLiU 1   yoni
Hebrew Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   yoni
HDDVD version !!! 
Hebrew Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA 1   the_name
Hebrew Beowulf.2007.DVDRip.XviD-Retail 1   yoni
Hebrew Beowulf.DC.DVDRip-.XviD-DiAMOND 2   yoni
Hebrew Beowulf.2007.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA 2   yoni
Hindi Beowulf-HI-DC-IceBane-23 1   Paul44al
came w/ rip - no edits/sync... 
Indonesian Beowulf.2007.3D.1080p.BluRay.Half-SBS.x264.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-RARBG   Familyland
Well Resync and half translation pick up from RED_dahLIA 
Indonesian Beowulf-Ind 1   iersyad90
subtitle nya udah mantap. moga bermanfaat ya :) 
Indonesian Beowulf.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY 1   supersephta
just resync for Beowulf.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY  
Indonesian Beowulf.2007.720p.AAC.x264-roNy.Resync 1   Mortred
Terjemahan asli oleh RED_dahLIA 
Indonesian Beowulf fomat AVI 1   Adank Doank
Resync dari English Sub. Cocok untuk format AVI. Jangan lupa rate ya.. 
Indonesian beowulf Dvdrip 1   sachrial
For Dvdrip 
Indonesian Beowulf versi MKV Diketik Manual Bukan Google Translate 1   RED_dahLIA
Indonesian beowulf 1   greg1806
Good Sub (DVD Rip) 
Italian Beowulf-IT-DC-IceBane-23 1   Paul44al
came w/ rip - no edits/sync... 
Korean Beowulf.2007.Directors Cut.XviD.AC3.2CD-DiAMOND 2   joogunking
Malay Beowulf.Directors.Cut.2007.Blu-ray.720p.x264 1   Mohd Basri
Malay 100% 
Malay Beowulf.2007.FXG 1   aidilskr
Telah diterjemah dari english sub. Compatible with Beowulf.2007.FXG 
Norwegian Beowulf[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG 1   Juzzy
Norwegian Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   2670
Retail subs 
Norwegian Beowulf 1   ttmin
Synced with: Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 
Norwegian Beowulf.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   xmeup
Norwegian Beowulf.2007.DC.DVDRIP-DIAMOND.NO.2CD 2   Xenzai
Polish mvs-goldc 1   Soerensen
Portuguese Tiradas de outro site e sincronizadas para a versão Beowulf [DVDrip][DivX].avi 1   moonlamb
Tiradas de outro site e sincronizadas para a versão Beowulf [DVDrip][DivX].avi 
Romanian Beowulf.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.Deceit.YIFY 1   Utilizator
Romanian Beowulf CD2 2   Kinga19
Romanian Beowulf CD1 2   Kinga19
Russian Beowulf-RU-DC-IceBane-23 1   Paul44al
came w/ rip - no edits/sync... 
Serbian Beowulf.TS.XViD.TBG 1   Soerensen
Spanish Beowulf-ES-DC-IceBane-23 1   Paul44al
came w/ rip - no edits/sync... 
Spanish Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   deimocrates
Swedish Beowulf.2007.3D.1080p.BluRay.Half-SBS.x264.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-RARBG   3dsynk
Swedish Beowulf.2007.3D.1080p.BluRay.Half-OU.x264.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-RARBG   3dsynk
Swedish Beowulf(2007[2014])3D-halfOU(Ash61)   3dsynk
Swedish Beowulf.SV 1   reklame
Swedish Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   2670
Retail subs 
Swedish Beowulf.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC 1   freak_racer03
Swedish Beowulf.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   freak_racer03
Thai Beowulf-TH-DC-IceBane-23 1   Paul44al
came w/ rip - no edits/sync... 
Turkish Beowulf.2007.English.R5.DivX-LTT 1   EMRINHO
Turkish Beowulf.2007.DC.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   Darkopal
Vietnamese Beowulf.2007.3D.(1h54'10'')   mahu371
Sync cho bản 1h54'10'' 
Vietnamese Beowulf.2007.Directors.Cut.m-HD.x264.uSk 1   nlsinh
Bản dịch của datpdichvn 
Vietnamese Beowulf 2007 DvDrip 1   datpdichvn
Bản dịch của datpdichvn 
Vietnamese Beowulf 2007 Directors Cut mHD-720p BluRay AC3 x264-TRiM 1   L2F
Phụ đề upload từ Torrent Beowulf 2007 Directors Cut mHD-720p BluRay AC3 x264-TRiM 
Vietnamese [] Beowulf 2007 1   481112
Bản dịch của 481112