Feel Good to Die (Happy If You Died / Jookeodo Joa / 죽어도 좋아)

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    죽어도 좋아.Feel.Good.to.Die~E29-E30.181226-NEXT-VIU
    죽어도 좋아.Feel.Good.to.Die~E29-E30.181226-NEXT-KCW
    죽어도 좋아.Happy.If.You.Died~E29-E30.181226-NEXT-VIU
    죽어도 좋아.Happy.If.You.Died~E29-E30.181226-NEXT-KCW
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  • Ep. 29 & 30 [VIU & Kocowa Ver.] "Jin Sang Tells In Han about Labor Union" & "Bug Planted in the Union’s Room". Synced for NEXT. Runtime : 00:59:05. Enjoy.... ;). Check out My IG @ruo_xi_ss for subtitles updates ^^