Friday Joy Package (Friday Friday Night / 금요일 금요일 밤에)

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    금요일 금요일 밤에.Friday.Joy.Package.E07.200228-NEXT-VIU
    금요일 금요일 밤에.Friday.Friday.Night.E07.200228-NEXT-VIU
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  • Ep. 7 [VIU Ver.] "Rich Part of New York and the Gossip Man". Cast : Yang Jung-moo, Kim Sang-wook, Han Joon-hee, Lee Seo-jin, Hong Jin-kyung, Eun Ji-won Sechs Kies, Park Ji-yoon, Jang Do-yeon, Lee Seung-gi, Song Min-ho WINNER. Synced for NEXT. Runtime : 01:54:44. Enjoy.. ;). Check out My IG @ruo_xi_ss for subtitles updates ^^. Note : E07 720p NEXT 2.43GB Gdrive Sharer download link >
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