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Arabic Ghost Rider (2007)   Ammar79
أفضل ترجمة ستجدونها إن شاء الله 
Arabic Translated And Subtitled By SHEKO_ELANTEKO 1   sheko_elanteko
Translated And Subtitled By SHEKO_ELANTEKO 
Arabic saMehEGY 1   saMehEGY
Arabic R5.PUKKA. By: Sheko El-Anteko 1   El3andaliP
R5.PUKKA. By: Sheko El-Anteko 
Arabic mvs-ghosts 1   concord 
Arabic Ghostrider.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA (IDX/SUB). Translated by The Professor. 1   PoOr
Ghostrider.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA (IDX/SUB). Translated by The Professor. 
Arabic Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo Good one 1   bosuzima
Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo Good one  
Arabic Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo - By Naif Orabi 1   electron1s1
Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo - By Naif Orabi 
Arabic Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   khaldoun
By : Khaldoun sameer 
Arabic Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   mamo_n1
Arabic Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   alwahdane
Arabic Ghost.Rider.REAL.PROPER.TS.XViD-mVs 1   hady1961
Arabic Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO (IDX/SUB). Translated by The Professor. 1   PoOr
Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO (IDX/SUB). Translated by The Professor. 
Arabic Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.m-HD.x264-AsCo [1.42GB] 1   magic_zico
الترجمة المضبوطة لهذه النسخة 
Arabic Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.m-HD.x264-AsCo 1   magic_zico
Arabic Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.BluRay.1080p.DTS.2Audio.x264-CHD 1   m.elsayed
Arabic Ghost.Rider.Arabic 1   alwahdane
Arabic Ghost.Rider.Arabic 1   alwahdane
Arabic Ghost.Rider.2007.Extended.Cut.720p.BRRip.x264-Rx 1   confederate
Arabic Ghost.Rider.2007.Extended.BDRip.XviD.AC3-DEViSE 1   Er@GoN
Enjoy :D  
Arabic Ghost.Rider.2007.EXTENDED.720p.BDRip.XviD-SHiRK 1   A.3.R
Arabic Ghost.Rider.(2007) 1   egy-sat
Arabic Ghost Rider-Extended Cut 2007 BDRip[A 720p Release by Titan] 1   SecretMyth
Arabic Ghost Rider.2007 1   Quast
Ghost Rider.2007  
Arabic Ghost Rider..sHIPo 1   shipo
Arabic Ghost Rider 2007.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY 1   ahmedoasis
Arabic Ghost Rider 2007 DVDScr 1   alrawesh
قام بتعديل الترجمة د.محمد الشعراوي، أرجو أن تعجبكم 
Arabic Ghost Rider 2007 Dvd Rip XVid Version 700 MB 1   the-under-taker2010
Arabic Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip 27-03-07 Pass 1   wanted_hariri
Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip 27-03-07 
Arabic Ghost Rider 2007 [DVD rip] 1   memooo123
Ghost Rider 2007 [DVD rip] 
Arabic Ghost Rider (2007) mVs 1   wali_as
Ghost Rider (2007) mVs 
Arabic Ghost Rider (2007) DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.Ar 1   Jamal Pourmoghaddam
Ghost Rider (2007) DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.Ar.sub 
Arabic ghost rider 1   mouhssine
Arabic Best of Arabic trans 1   nicedido2001
Best of Arabic trans 
Arabic Ghost Rider 1   elgammal
Arabic Ghost Rider 25.000 FPS 1   matrix444
Arabic Ghost Rider 1   mohammedkandiel
Arabic Ghost Rider 23.976 FPS 1   ALOLHAN
Arabic Ghost Rider 23.976 FPS 1   ALOLHAN
Arabic Ghost Rider 25.000 FPS 1   waleedhodhod
Arabic Ghost Rider 23.976 FPS 1   shipo
Arabic Ghost Rider 25.000 FPS 1   shipo
Arabic Ghost Rider 25.000 FPS 1   ahmed0506
Arabic Ghost Rider 23.976 FPS 1   zaid_1111
Arabic saMehEGY 2   saMehEGY
Arabic Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND (IDX/SUB). Translated by The Professor. 2   PoOr
Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND (IDX/SUB). Translated by The Professor. 
Brazillian Portuguese Ghost.Rider.(2007).TS.XViD.mVs.[] 1   PRoberto
Chinese BG code 恶灵骑士 / 惡靈戰警 1   reklame
恶灵骑士 / 惡靈戰警 
Croatian Ghost Rider 1   megahmad
Czech Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO 2   freak_racer03
Czech Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   freak_racer03
Danish Passer til: Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs (Rettet for stavefejl, for lange linier, visning for kort/lang og andre småting) 1   CappeDK
Passer til: Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs (Rettet for stavefejl, for lange linier, visning for kort/lang og andre småting) 
Danish Passer til: Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   CappeDK
Passer til: Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 
Danish Ghostrider.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA 1   fiveball
Danish Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.DVD5.720p.BluRay.x264-hV 1   Fields
Danish 1   reklame 
Danish Ghost Rider.2007.DVD 720p.BluRay.x264 1   jpa
Danish Ghost Rider Axxo Release 1   Jaycamp
Ghost Rider Axxo Release 
Dutch Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   freak_racer03
Dutch ghost rider R5 XVID PUKKA 1   josefientje
ghost rider R5 XVID PUKKA 
English Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.English (fixed) 1   ScarHand
Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.English (fixed) 
English Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo - with italics 1   Hideaway
Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo - with italics  
English Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   TG11-980
English Ghost.Rider.Extended.Version.2007.1080p.BluRay.x264-SECTOR7 1   NumbNuts
English Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.m-HD.x264-AsCo.EN 1   Al.nabiL
English ghost.rider.extended.cut.2007.dvd5.720p.bluray.x264-hv - PROPER by Zubyo 1   Zubyo
English Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.BRRip.XvidHD.720p-NPW and Supra 1   shocker
English Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.BRRip.AC3.PRoDJi-FIXed by Asmodin.ENG 1   Subsninja
Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.BRRip.AC3.PRoDJi-FIXed by 
English Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.BRRip.AC3.PRoDJi 1   Xenzai
English Ghost RiderEnglish 1   freak_racer03
Ghost Rider - 
English Ghost Rider.DvdRip.PK-MJ merry.english 1   mehran moughal
this subtitles is best for axxo movie and other trust me its working 
English Ghost Rider 2007.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY 1   sus_mittal
English Ghost Rider 2007 Extended Version BRRip 720p H264-3Li 1   supermix1337
English Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip Pass ride 1   mlhackid
Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip Pass ride.sub 
English Ghost Rider 2007 CEE 1080p Bluray AVC LPCM 5.1 1   sealtan
Extracted from Bluray and converted to srt. 
English Ghost Rider (2007) Extended Version BRRip 720p x264 [Dual Audio] ndi+English]--prisak~~{HKRG} 1   aa1bb2cc
Ghost Rider (2007) Extended Version BRRip 720p x264 [Dual Audio] [Hindi+English]prisak HKRG english subtitles 
English Ghost Rider (2007) DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.En 1   Jamal Pourmoghaddam
Ghost Rider (2007) DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.En.sub 
English ghost rider 1   phantom007
do the best 
English ghost rider 1   m4r1o
not yet 
English Ghost Rider 1   kaloi
English aziz 1   houshidar83
English aXXo :) 1   jeuda
aXXo :) 
English 1cd Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 1   nbaspaldingjohn
1cd Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 
English RETAIL - Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO 2   Anonymous
English Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO 2   phunctionist
English Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   Sinistral
English Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip.DTS.iNT-MoMo.eng.2CD 2   Xenzai
English Ghost Rider CD1 2   vikmel
Ghost Rider 
Estonian GhostRiderExtended 2   spectatorx
Farsi/Persian زیرنویس شده توسط بهزاد 1   borgo_d17
extended version 
Farsi/Persian زمان بندی درست 1   khadem60
زیرنویس شده توسط بهزاد 
Farsi/Persian با تنظیم مناسب و ترجمه دقیق 1   Jamal Pourmoghaddam
زیرنویس شده توسط بهزاد من فقط هماهنگ و ویرایش کرده ام 
Farsi/Persian Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   Ghareib
Farsi/Persian Ghost.Rider.2007.DVD.2cds 1   yeganehaym
زیرنویس از بهزاد به درخواست دوستان هماهنگ کردم 
Farsi/Persian ghost rider 1   mahdi_gouge
Farsi/Persian Ghost Raider Persian Subtitles by Behzad 1   behzad2005
Ghost Raider Persian Subtitles by Behzad 
Farsi/Persian Extended Version 1   Guitarist
من هماهنگ و ویرایش کردم-زیرنویس شده توسط بهزاد 
Farsi/Persian Ali_K زیرنویس از بهزاد - ویرایش و هماهنگی زیرنویس از 1   A l i
Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Persian]-aXXo (Ali_k) (Fps23.976) 
Finnish Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   Sibbe79
Finnish Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   Sibbe79
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.EXTENDED.CUT.DVD5.720p.Bluray.x264-HV 1   mindfukker
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip.XviD-SAGA 1   mindfukker
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip.XviD-PG 1   mindfukker
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip.XviD-mVs 1   mindfukker
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip.XviD-GOTTAEAT 1   mindfukker
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.R5.XViD.AC3-TCRO 2   mindfukker
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip-HOHO 2   mindfukker
Finnish Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   mindfukker
French Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo[fixed].French 1   ScarHand
French Ghost Rider 2007 Extended Cut 720p BluRay DTS x264-CtrlHD 1   cq3
Just concatenated Hideaway's subtitles in one cd 
French Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   Hideaway
Greek for my friend VASO 1   Kingsoft
for my friend VASO 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   dovigal
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.ts.xvid-mvs.heb 1   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.TC.XviD-GOTTA-EAT.HEB 1   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.extended.proper.ntsc.dvdr-emerald.HEB 1   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.extended.cut.2007.dvd5.720p.bluray.x264-hv.HEB 1   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.BRRip.XviD.AC3.PRoDJi.HEB 1   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.dvdrip.xvid-prise.HEB 1   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.2007.R5.LiNE.XviD-PUKKA.HEB 1   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip 27-03-07 Pass 1   wanted_hariri
Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip 27-03-07 
Hebrew Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip 27-03-07 Pass 1   wanted_hariri
Ghost Rider 2007 DVD Rip 27-03-07 
Hebrew Ghost Rider 2007 [DVD rip].HEB 1   Subsninja
Ghost Rider 2007 [DVD rip] 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.hoho.cd2.HEB 2   Subsninja 
Hebrew Ghost.Rider.(2007).EXTENDED.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-DiAMOND.CD1.HEB 2   Subsninja
Hungarian Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   freak_racer03
Indonesian Ghost.Rider.2007.Extended.Cut.BluRay.DTS.2Audio.x264-CHD 1   sangpph
Unggahan Perdana (Edisi Revisi) 
Indonesian Ghost Rider subtitle Indonesia 1   y1apr
check tHis  
Indonesian Ghost Rider EXTENDED CUT.BluRay.720P.DTS.2Audio.x264-CHD 1   Saintxlanford
Cocok buat Ganool 720, vote please.. 
Indonesian Ghost Rider 1   firebee03
Korean Ghost.Rider.2007.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD.2CD-DiAMOND 2   joogunking
Malay Ghost Rider (2007) EXTENDED BluRay 720p 1080p   TukangDL
Manual Translate. Untuk BluRay 2:03:25. 
Malay Ghost Rider (2007) - Bluray & Web-DL   FaizMarzuki
- manual translate.. - nikmati totonan anda :) 
Norwegian Ghost Rider 2007 Extended Cut 720p BluRay DTS x264-CtrlHD   Fr0zenAndroid
Norwegian Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   alexstone
(Corrected translation and spelling errors) 
Norwegian Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   zeffex
Norwegian Ghost.Rider.XViD-adVANCED 1   zeffex
Norwegian Ghost.Rider.REAL.PROPER.TS.XViD-mVs 1   zeffex
Norwegian Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO 2   zeffex
Norwegian Ghost.Rider.2007.DVDRip.DTS.iNT-MoMoNO.2CD 2   Xenzai
Polish Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO 2   freak_racer03
Portuguese Ghostrider.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA 1   freak_racer03
Portuguese Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO 2   freak_racer03
Portuguese Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   freak_racer03
Romanian Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   rrzxxx
Romanian Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   alexica
Romanian Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   freak_racer03
Romanian Ghost Rider 2007 Extended Version BRRip 720p H264-3Li 1   supermix1337
Sinhala Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   Amila Mananadewa
Spanish Ghost.Rider.2007.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY   Commotion7
Sincro. para ésta versión 1080p EXTENDED 
Spanish Ghost Rider 2007 EXTENDED 1080p BluRay x264 DTS-HD MA5 1 SiMPLE   Commotion7
Sincro. para ésta versión 1080p EXTENDED 
Spanish Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   trabuco 
Spanish Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   megahmad 
Swedish Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.DVD5.720p.BluRay.x264-hV 1   Hideaway
Swedish Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.DVD5.720p.BluRay.x264-hV 1   freak_racer03
Swedish Ghost.Rider.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HOHO 2   freak_racer03
Swedish Ghost.Rider.EXTENDED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND 2   freak_racer03
Thai Ghost.Rider.2007.EXTENDED.720p.BluRay.H264.AAC-YIFY - OCR   tre2004
runtime 02:03:25 
Turkish Ghost.Rider.TS.XViD-mVs 1   difficultsoul
Turkish Ghost.Rider.Extended.Cut.2007.BRRip.XviD.AC3.PRoDJi 1   adyjob
Vietnamese Ghost.Rider[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo 1   datpdichvn
Bản dịch của datpdichvn 
Vietnamese Ghost.Rider.2007.Extended.Cut.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-CtrlHD-linhlinh88 1   sonyshop99
chỉnh thời gian lại từ datpdichvn 
Vietnamese Ghost.Rider.2007.Extended.Cut.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-CtrlHD 1   rockiessoul
Khớp bản 720p extened cut CHD 
Vietnamese Ghost Rider 2007.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY 1   Huucuong Nguyen
Khớp với bản của YIFY. Đã chỉnh lại lỗi không thể mở file bằng aegisub cùng nhiều lỗi chính tả. Cm nếu phát hiện lỗi, rate sub nhé, tks! 
Vietnamese Ghost Rider 2007 DvDrip 1   Luumanhvn
Bản dịch của Luumanhvn 

Subtitles rated bad

Malay Ghost Rider malay 1   hackerMalaysia
Just Try