My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment (Dongnebyeonhosa Jodeulho 2: Joewabeol / 동네 변호사 조들호2: 죄와벌)

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    동네 변호사 조들호2: 죄와벌.My.Lawyer.Mr.Joe~S2E29-E30.190311-NEXT-VIU
    동네 변호사 조들호2: 죄와벌.My.Lawyer.Mr.Joe~S2E29-E30.190311-NEXT-KCW
    동네 변호사 조들호2: 죄와벌.Neighborhood.Lawyer.Jo.Deul.Ho.S2E29-E30.190311-NEXT-VIU
    동네 변호사 조들호2: 죄와벌.Neighborhood.Lawyer.Jo.Deul.Ho.S2E29-E30.190311-NEXT-KCW
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  • Ep. 29 - 30 [VIU & Kocowa Ver.] "Jung Gun's Work" & "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend". Synced for NEXT. Runtime > 00:59:13. Enjoy.... ;) . Check out My IG @ruo_xi_ss for subtitles updates ^^. Note : E29-E30 720p NEXT 1.23GB Gdrive Sharer download link >