Our Gab Soon (Perfect Bride / Gabsooni / 우리 갑순이) Imdb

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    우리 갑순이.Our.Gab.Soon.E02.160828.720p-WITH-iPOP-BarosG-LIMO
    우리 갑순이.Our.Gab.Soon.E02.160828.XviD-WITH-iPOP-BarosG-LIMO
    우리 갑순이.Our.Gab.Soon.E02.160828.540p-BarosG-LIMO-WITH-iPOP-SS
    우리 갑순이.Our.Gab.Soon.E02.160828.480p-BarosG-LIMO-WITH-iPOP
    우리 갑순이.Our.Gab.Soon.E02.160828.450p-BarosG-LIMO
    우리 갑순이.Our.Gab.Soon.E02.160828.450p-CHAOSrel-WITH-iPOP
    우리 갑순이.Our.Gab.Soon.E02.160828.HDTV.x264.360p-NEXT
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  • [VIU Version] Perfectly synced for all versions (bigger and smaller) of episode 2.Enjoy:):):) {Not mine I've just uploaded It and synchronized it to fit all of the versions} - See the comments to find out where you can download the episode.
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