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Burmese   linnthura
ျမန္မာလိုၾကည့္ခ်င္သူမ်ားအတြက္ (အဆင္ေျပပါေစ) 
Spanish Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones HC HDRIP de 29.970 fps 
English Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   EJSUB
Synced. I'll hope this be fine. If not, give me a message. Have a nice day ;) 
English Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   johnjenin2020
Colored text for HC release. Credit goes to iamdepressed69, fuckbitchz and mahsunmax who has made the subtitle. 
English Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   bozxphd
**For HC HDRip Only Synced**Fixed Common Errors.Credits & Source:elmuria 
Vietnamese Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Anonymous
Phụ đề thực hiện bởi World Subtitles - Perfect Subtitles choice. It's up to you - Truy cập để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết! 
Farsi/Persian Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Death Stroke
►► 9MOViE.iN | ویرایش شده ► رضا حضرتی 
Arabic Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Arsany Khalaf
█▐ دكتور علي طلال & أرساني خلف █▐ 
Arabic Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Essam KrawsH
◄▓ عصام كراوش ▓► 
Spanish London.Has.Fallen.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones HC HDRips de 24.000 fps 
Indonesian London.Has.Fallen.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   wpjkt
Just Resynced from indomoviemania 
English London.Has.Fallen.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Aorion
HDRip/WEBRip (01:37:21). Subtitle was created to my style. I tried my best on it _ Pls* rate after download._ Thanks guys. 
Greek Deadpool.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   T3LL4V1S10N
Άψογα αποδοσμένοι & τέλεια συγχρονισμένοι υπότιτλοι! «Απόδοση Διαλόγων/Συγχρονισμός γραμμή-γραμμή» ★T3LL4V1S10N™★ •Μόνο το καλύτερο είναι αρκετά καλό• Φιλική βοήθεια: Tuvokgr 
Farsi/Persian London.Has.Fallen.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Notion
► Notion ترجمه از: میلاد علیزاده ، عـرفان ◄ | TinyMoviez.Co 
Spanish Warcraft.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones HC WEB/HDRip de 29.970 fps 
Arabic Warcraft.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   abualhassanali
◘▐ ديـدة إبـرا@ـيـم - ابوالحسن علي - Faisal AliRaqe ▐ ◘ 
Indonesian Warcraft.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT
Resync dari sub Baba_Naheel. Yang mau download filmnya mampir ke SITUS DOWNLOAD FILM HARDSUB INDONESIA >>>> (1008p) (800mb) 
Arabic London.Has.Fallen.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Ali Hussein
Spanish X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones HDrip.Korsub de 2h 23mn 
English X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT color text   Aorion
color text> 720p HDRip/KORSUB (02:23:35). superimposed over the Korean subtitle. Audio listening. Subtitle was created to my style. I tried my best on it _ Pls* rate after download._ Thanks guys. 
Farsi/Persian X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Amir_t6262
►►امير طهماسبي ،DC شيرين ،M0hammad زیرنویس از محمد ◄◄ 
Arabic X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Sayco
اللغات الأخري ملونة  
Arabic X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   ali talal
█▐ الدكتور علي طلال/ النسخ الكورية █▐ 
Arabic X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   ahmedayad232
◘◘◘◘ ترجمة: إسلام الجـيز!وي ◘◘◘◘ باللون الأصفر 
Farsi/Persian Independence.Day.Resurgence.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Amir_t6262
►►زیرنویس از رضا حضرتی، بهرنگ رجبی، حسین غریبی، امیر طهماسبی ◄◄ 
Spanish Independence.Day.Resurgence.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones: HC HDRip de 29.97o fps 
English Independence.Day.Resurgence.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Zerauskire
Foreign Parts Only. Thank you to Aorion for the hard work and providing the base of which I worked from. I tried to detect the language Dikembe Umbutu is speaking so I could translate it and add it but I couldn't. Maybe someone can add that. It wasn't translated in the theatrical release but i thought it would be nice to add it. 
Arabic Independence.Day.Resurgence.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   OzOz
♦▓╞ OzOz ╡▓♦  
Romanian The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   eug_60
Romanian Independence.Day.Resurgence.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   eug_60
Farsi/Persian The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   HosseinTL
► 9MOViE1.iN | DeathStroke & HosseinTL 
Spanish The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones: HC HDRips de 24.000 fps 
Arabic The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Eslam.Elgizawy
██▐ د.علي طلال & إسلام الجيز!وي ██▐  
Arabic The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   OzOz
♦█╞ OzOz ╡█♦  
Arabic The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Noureddine-Yousfi
█►♥ نور الدين يوسفـﮯ ♥◄█ 
Farsi/Persian The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Amir_t6262
►►زیرنویس از ایمان میرنیا، امیر طهماسبی ◄◄ 
Arabic Independence.Day.Resurgence.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   ali talal
█▐ محمود السيسي &د.علي طلال& أحمد السيد █▐ 
English Independence.Day.Resurgence.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Aorion
*HDRip/KORSUB (01:59:11) Subtitle was created to my style. Audio listening. It took me a long time to make this and I tried my best on it _ Please don't copy and paste. Pls* rate after download._ Thanks guys. 
Vietnamese The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   CGVFont
Arabic X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Mohamed_Azazy
*** ترجمة *** مـحـمـد العـــزازي 
English X-Men.Apocalypse.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Aorion
720p HDRip/KORSUB (02:23:35). Subtitle was created to my style. Audio listening. I tried my best on it _ Pls* rate after download._ Thanks guys. 
Spanish Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones: HC HDRip KORSUB de 29.970 fps 
English Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   pacifier
Works with All HC HDRips....😊 Credits goes to original uploader ( 90399bc)..resync by fengz101..😚 
Farsi/Persian Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Ali_EmJay
Ali.N EmJay .::Dlera::. 
English Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Aorion
Aorion's version ( 02:02:20) I tried my best on it _ Pls* rate after download._ Thanks guys... I've read up to book 11: The Bourne Retribution :D 
Farsi/Persian Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Arian Drama
►►Drama حسین غریبی، آرین◄◄ TinyMoviez  
Farsi/Persian Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Naser_69
►Naser & Reza | IranFilm & iMovie-Dl◄ 
Arabic Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT
مشاهدة ممتعة وائل الجزائري 
Arabic Jason.Bourne.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Mohamed_Azazy
*** ترجمة *** مـحـمـد العـــزازي 
Arabic The.Legend.of.Tarzan.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   KiLLeR.SpIDeR
◄▓ KiLLeR SpIDeR▓►  
Spanish Mechanic.Resurrection.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Commotion7
Versiones HDRIP.KORSUB. de 1h 37mn 48sc 
Arabic Mechanic.Resurrection.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Hussein.Ali
ترجمة : احسان فائق و مصطفى الجبوري  
Farsi/Persian Mechanic.Resurrection.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Ali_EmJay
ترجمه ی شنیداری و زمانبندی دقیق - Ali EmJay  
Arabic Mechanic.Resurrection.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   LukaModric
Vietnamese Mechanic.Resurrection.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   Anonymous
Phụ đề thực hiện bởi World Subtitles và MeMi Media ( - ~ House of Entertainment ~ - Truy cập để cập nhật link Raw + Online + Vietsub và thông tin chi tiết về bộ phim! 
Portuguese Suicide.Squad.2016.HDRip.KORSUB.x264-STUTTERSHIT   ady26