The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen (Eoneoeui Ondo: Urieui Yeolahob / 언어의 온도: 우리의 열아홉)

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    언어의 온도: 우리의 열아홉.The.Temperature.of.Language.Our.Nineteen.E07-E08.200318-NEXT-tvND
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  • Ep. 7 - 8 [tvN D Ver.] "Should All High School Seniors Have a Dream?" & "Is a Friend Next to Me a Competitor for the Entrance Exam?". Synced for NEXT. Runtime > 00:49:00/01. Enjoy.... ;). Check out My IG @ruo_xi_ss for subtitles updates ^^. Note : E07-E08 720p & 1080p NEXT 1.05GB & 1.86GB Gdrive Sharer download link > & ttolon0708fhd