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  • Year: 2012
  • Ultraman Saga opens with a powerful apocalyptic vision of Tokyo, buildings destroyed and the city seemingly devoid of life. We are soon introduced to the Earth Defense Force (EDF), Team U (played by members of the female idol group AKB48). They and a group of young children and the last survivors on planet Earth after the world was invaded by the evil Alien Bat, the rest of the human population having been abducted.

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English Ultraman Saga bluray china 1   eherols
English Ultraman Saga Bluray 1   Dukun212
Subtitle By G.U.I.S. Edited and resync by me. 
English Ultraman Saga Bluray 1   Dukun212
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Indonesian Ultraman Saga The Movie (2012) all Bluray 1   emboh
Cast : DAIGO : Nozomu Taiga (タイガ・ノゾム ) Takeshi Tsuruno (つるの 剛士 ) : Shin Asuka (アスカ・シン ) Taiyo Sugiura (杉浦 太陽 ) : Musashi Haruno (春野 ムサシ) Team U Akimoto Sayaka(AKB48) as Anna (Leader) Miyazawa Sae(AKB48) as Sawa (Special Attack Unit Captain) Umeda Ayaka(AKB48) as Misato (Vice-leader) Masuda Yuka(AKB48) as Nonko (Maintenance Team) Kobayashi Kana(AKB48) as Maomi (Maintenance Team) Sato Sumire(AKB48) as Riisa (Medical Chief) Shimada Haruka(AKB48) as Hina (Communication Chief)  
Indonesian Ultraman Saga The Movie (2012) 1   emboh
Indonesian Ultraman Saga All Bluray 480p | 720p 1   m42t