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    • 3/12/2009 10:21 PM

      Is there some reason why I can't download this.  I click on the link and nothing happens.  I can't save as either.

    • 3/13/2009 10:22 AM

       Try this link:


    • 5/9/2009 3:07 PM

       YOU RULE LadyHawk!  Thank you for making my Taken watching experience that much better :->

    • 5/8/2010 11:22 PM

      Thanks for the Soft Subs for the non speaking English parts, Now I can understand what they are saying in French and Arabic, great download, highly reccomended, Thanks themoneyjoe

    • 4/7/2014 12:46 PM

      I used your subtitle as a part of a subtitle I uploaded. It has both English and foreign language in it.

      I gave credit to you.

      Edit: This was years ago. Don't know why I didn't inform you back then, but here it is.